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A good stand mixer can be much more expensive than a low-end model. Is it worth the extra cash? There's no one right answer for everyone, of course. But if you love to cook as much as I do it would be hard to escape a resounding "Yes!"

If you're at all like me, you love the joy of being creative in the kitchen. You get a kick out of putting together ingredients and coming up with something uniquely your own. You might also enjoy the results: great tasting dishes and lots of smiles from those who are lucky enough to sample your art.

But you might also be like me in another way. I'm lazy. That is, I love to work hard in the kitchen dreaming up these delicious dishes, but I don't want to struggle needlessly to execute my ideas. I don't love cleaning a hard-to-clean stand mixer or, worse, sweating blood to get it to do what I need.

So, I want a stand mixer that has numerous, flexible, easy-to-change attachments. I want it to have plenty of power to do what's required for any dish I conceive. I want lots and lots of speeds to get exactly the right blend and to minimize post-mixing clean up. I want the unit to disassemble easily to make that clean up even easier. And, of course, I want the mixer and attachments to never, ever break.

In short, I want a kitchen tool that works with me, not against me. I want my efforts to go into making the dish, not into using the tool. To get all that you usually have to spend a little more. You just can't get a super-high quality, powerful, flexible, easy-to-use stand mixer for the same price as a weak, flimsy thing that only runs at three speeds.

Personally, I'm willing to spend that little bit more because in the long run it will be so useful and so economical. A good stand mixer will last for generations, making it less expensive in the long run. It will do everything you want with ease, making it a pleasure to use all those years. It becomes a kitchen assistant who really helps, not one that makes the job harder.

Fortunately, such things are not a fantasy. There are several exceptionally fine models on the market. Check out some of the reviews on this site that describe them in detail. I think you'll quickly convince yourself that truly great stand mixers really do exist. You might also find they're not quite as expensive as you formerly believed.

Beyond the cost, though, I know that I much prefer to have a stand mixer that makes my life easier. Creative cooking is hard enough already. Why have a tool that turns joy into stress?